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Happy Tuesday!

It’s a gorgeous morning in NYC, perfect for a confidence-building speed session on the reservoir (hooray!). But more about that in my next post.

Last week was also a great one running-wise – I cracked 50 miles for the first time this training cycle!

  • Monday: XT: 40 minutes spinning, 25 minutes elliptical, lifting and corework
  • Tuesday: 7.25 miles (3 @ tempo pace)
  • Wednesday: 8.05 easy miles
  • Thursday: 7.5 miles (3 @ MP)
  • Friday: 5.1 easy miles
  • Saturday: 16.05 miles
  • Sunday: 6.1 miles very easy

Total: 50.1 miles

So I’ve been thinking. A lot of my running friends ran track in high school, and/or kicked butt running in college. They’ve been runners for a whole lotta’ years, which sometimes makes me wish I had started running a bit earlier.

Instead I was busy doing this for ten years of my young life:

Sad to say, that’s about all the gymnastics I can do these days.

But back to running. I think everyone has a different reason or story about why they started running, and during one of my recent long runs I started to think of mine.

I parted ways with my gymnastics career when I went to college, and not having a sport to concentrate on was really strange at first. No, I didn’t replace gymnastics with running. But rather, ehm, partying? Boston is a fun place to go to school, that’s for sure. 🙂

I did go out for a random run here or there, but never more than 15 or 20 minutes at the most. It was something I enjoyed, but only as part of my exercise routine to help keep me in shape.

Fast forward a few years, and that all changed. I went through a pretty bad breakup that left me feeling really alone – all of a sudden something that had been such a big part of my life was gone. Gradually, I started running a little more. It made me feel good, and I still remember the huge boost I got when I ran 3 miles for the first time.

Pretty soon I woke up in the mornings not thinking of some douchebag him, but about how excited I was to get my run on. Not only did running give me something to focus on, but I loved it! Eventually I got up to 5 mile runs a few days per week around the Charles River, and thought I might like to try running in a race.

So I signed up for the Tufts 10K for Women in October 2004. I think it was the longest distance I had ever run, and I finished in about 56 minutes. The last part of the race was a little painful, but I was hooked! I liked this racing thing.

That summer, a friend of mine mentioned he was signing up for the BAA Half Marathon. “You should do it too!” he said.

At first, I was like, “thirteen miles?? There is no way I can ever run 13 miles. I don’t know if I even want to run that far!”

But I thought about it, and was intrigued. Enough so that I signed up for the race and started training for it. I ran 10 miles for the first time and still remember how euphoric I felt during the run, and how I got to explore different areas of Boston along the Charles that seemed so far away before. Running long was awesome!

So I ran my first half marathon in October 2005 and finished in 2:07:04, about 9:42/mile. And loved it, obviously.

A year later I moved to NYC, joined New York Road Runners, ran as many races as I could (42 to date, actually), got a bit speedier, and the rest is history.

After finishing the 2010 NYC Marathon

So I guess I’ve been running for about 7 years now, give or take a few months. And through these years, running has been my therapy, my savior, a source of joy, a source of disappointment, a social activity, and something that has taught me more about myself than any other activity or person could have ever done.

So that’s my story. Now you tell me – how/when/why did you start running?


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