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Running 23 miles in two days plus entertaining momma Meals for Miles, who was visiting, is kind of tiring.

But despite the fact that I almost fell asleep at Cirque du Soleil on Saturday night, it was a great weekend.

Sometimes I like to think I can do it all – work, school, weekend trips, plans with friends, blogging – while marathon training and it will all go extremely smoothly. Other times, like this weekend, I’m reminded why people don’t typically train for marathons all the time.

Because it’s exhausting, yo.

When you’re working the body hard six or seven days a week, getting the proper rest isn’t optional, it’s essential. In fact, I may just go to bed before the sun completely goes down tonight…

I also don’t think I could afford to feed myself if I trained for marathons year-round, because I am hungry ALL THE TIME.

At least my mom was kind enough to feed me this weekend, and did not judge when I refused to share desserts with her.

ABC Kitchen carrot cake – to fuel my long run the next morning, obviously.

Sidenote: our entire meal at ABC Kitchen was amazing – simple and subtle with tons of flavor at the same time.

Mexican Chocolate Brownie with caramelized banana, vanilla mole ice cream, toasted pecans and chocolate ancho sauce from Candle 79

Sidenote: Our trip to Candle 79 was my mom’s first vegan restaurant experience. She survived and liked it!

I had planned to run my long run on Saturday morning, and mom was a good sport regarding an obnoxiously early bedtime after our trip to ABC Kitchen (bless her). Since I was going to be running for ~2.5 hours, I wanted to make sure to get it done early so we had the day to do some very important shopping.

So it was out the door by 6:15. My first couple miles were pretty slowish, and I was a little worried the run would be somewhat of a struggle. But once I got to the Riverside Park part of my run (around miles 6-9), the legs noticeably pepped up and stayed that way when I returned to Central Park.

The second half of the run was much stronger than the first, and I actually felt good picking up the pace. Runs like this gives me much-needed confidence that I’ll be able to hold a similar pace for the marathon, and hopefully PR the crap out of it 🙂

Even though I do prefer to chill out after long runs, sometimes walking around a bit helps prevent stiffness. So my mom and I shopped for a bit and hit up the High Line, which is an elevated park on NYC’s West side, constructed on some old railroad tracks.

It’s kind of awesome. And has a gelato stand.

Mint gelato with chocolate chunks – delicious.

I think my sweet tooth is officially out of control. But I’m ok with it.

I actually haven’t hung out with my mom one-on-one in maybe years. When you’re a twin, this can be somewhat difficult. And while we missed my sis up in Boston, having my mom all to myself was probably the sweetest treat of the weekend. 🙂

Question: Do you make sure to save room for dessert? I always, always do. Also, what do you prefer to do after long runs – rest? Hit up the town? Take a trapeze class?

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