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Happy Tuesday, friends!

It’s gorgeous this week in NYC – I think 63 degree mornings are a runner’s idea of heaven at this time of year.

This morning I ran 8 miles, including a great set of mile repeats – probably the best this training cycle!

I’m definitely attributing part of how I’m feeling to last week’s cut-back in mileage. Here’s how it went down:

  • Monday: XT: 35 minutes spinning, 25 minutes elliptical, lifting, corework, stretching
  • Tuesday: 7.25 miles easy
  • Wednesday: 8.6 miles easy
  • Thursday: 7.3 miles (4 @ tempo pace)
  • Friday: XT: 28 minutes spinning, 30 minutes elliptical, lifting, corework, stretching
  • Saturday: 16 miles
  • Sunday: 6 miles very easy; 45 minutes easy yoga

Total: 45.15 miles

So really I just substituted an easy running day for a cross training day on Friday, but I could totally tell the difference during Saturday’s long run and know my legs definitely appreciated the break. So hooray for cutback weeks!

Confession: too many of my meals lately have been eaten at my desk, in front of my computer, at work.

I’ve been super busy, and eating while working is pretty much the norm. Sometimes the “work hard, play hard” mentality that rules the professional world in NYC can get to me.

Ok, for me maybe it’s more “work hard, work harder” as I’ve yet to master the whole “playing” thing. But in a city that’s always go go go, sometimes I feel like I’m not really cut out to handle it. Or like my head is going to explode.

I don’t really talk about my job that much on the blog, but let’s just say working at a New York PR firm is like nothing else. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes it makes me a hot, stressed out mess.

But ramblings aside, what makes it all worthwhile is the great people I work with.

And because we all deserved a break, we went out to Blue Smoke for a celebratory dinner.

Blue Smoke is all about BBQ and Southern cooking. It’s not my favorite cuisine, but when in Rome…

Eat fried things…

There is literally “fried bread” on the menu. The nutritionist in me was a little horrified. 🙂

We split a bunch of appetizers, and I had the veggie burger with quinoa, lentils and a tomato chutney with an arugula salad for my entree

It was delicious.

Even though it was only for an evening, taking some time to slow down and enjoy the company of my colleagues (and friends!) outside of the office was a great start to the week.

Back to the grind today!

Question: Tell me about your job – do you work long hours? What’s your schedule like? And/or, how often do you take cutback weeks?

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